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Know How Updating Your Fabric Store Keeps Things Running Smoothly.

Why Updated Software Is Critical

Business owners often find themselves handling multiple priorities. Daily business demands such as keeping schedules straight, updating software, and offering appealing and in-demand products keep you busy.

Automated tools help you run your business smoothly. Accounting software, online scheduling tools, and fabric store POS systems keep customers happy and help you stay organized.

It’s a good idea to run the latest versions of your software. Developers continually offer updates to increase security and fix problematic areas.

You can sign up for automated updates to save the step of updating products manually.

Why Trending Products Matter

Fabric store owners should keep their inventory relevant and appealing so that customers want to return. Here are some trending styles.

Animal Prints

Exotic and eye-catching, animal prints never fade from the fabric landscape. Current trends include classic snakeskin, alligator prints, and ocelot designs.

Sea-animal images also have emerged — keep an eye out for coral reefs and fish patterns.


Glitter fabric is a sure way to add style and sparkle to any project. It can jazz up classical pieces or accentuate an otherwise minimalist outfit.

Whether vivid or understated, glitter fabrics add sparkle to your inventory.


Think of bold flowers, natural patterns, and leaves, and you have the right idea for the trending foliage prints.

You will find them in hues of green, but bolder patterns are comprised of blues and reds on a black background.


Floral patterns are a close cousin to foliage prints, but they encompass a more comprehensive range of products.

They include tiny and subtle flower prints or large, bold floral motifs. Floral patterns are a perennial favorite among fashion designers and their customers.

Earth-Inspired Patterns

The most common colors used in earth-inspired patterns are natural hues of brown, green, gray, and blue.

They pick up motifs including rocks, clouds, water, earth, and sand. These styles fit well in a beach house or cabin by the lake.

Mixed Prints

Can you have stripes and flowers on the same fabric? Yes, you can, and you’ll be trendy when you do. These distinctive patterns turn any garment into a bold statement.


The daring stripes, swirls, and tie-dye prints that have been around for decades are more vital than ever. Look for psychedelic prints in monochromatic schemes alongside fluorescent shades and vivid primary colors.


All eyes are on the skies as space exploration is constantly moving forward. Celestial prints reflect the out-of-this-world trend.

Look for realistic galaxy renderings, starry skies, cartoonish and retro designs, and symbolic depictions of the moon and sun.


Mesmerizing kaleidoscope patterns and simple shapes are part of the geometric pattern trend. They are often depicted in bright, cheery colors, giving the viewer an optimistic, energetic feeling.


Check patterns can be undersized or oversized. Many are black and white, like the classic midcentury linoleum floor pattern.

Other designs add a square or two with an unexpected pop of color. You can find checkerboard prints for furniture, clothing, handbags, and more.


The houndstooth pattern is a classic look that, like floral print, never goes out of style. Houndstooth will always have a home on businesswear, suits, overcoats, and handbags.

Pair it with solid colors for a professional look, or contrast it with vibrant patterns for something bold.


Would any fabric collection be complete without classic stripe patterns? No, it wouldn’t, and they never go out of style.

From pinstripes to thick, bold lines, stripes can be understated and subtle or make an unforgettable statement.

Sheer Fabrics

One might argue that “sheer” is technically not a print, but consider the designs it can take on. Lace, stripes, and more exist happily on sheer fabrics. One can use them everywhere, from window dressings to formalwear.

The best part about sheer fabrics is that they pair nicely with other materials. They let the partner fabric shine through and nicely accent the sheer.

Pulling Everything Together

It’s not always easy to stay current behind the scenes, at the point of sale, and on the product floor. However, taking some time to update your products and tools can benefit you in the long run.

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