Platinum – The Rarest of All Metals!

Platinum is a soft precious metal with a silvery-white colour and a lustrous sheen. It is a soft precious metal with a silvery-white colour and a lustrous shine. It is the heaviest precious metal, weighing twice as much as gold in karats (grammes).

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a non-toxic metal with low toxicity. In addition to possessing a high melting point, it is also the least reactive metal known to man.

These features and their stability in the presence of chemical properties make this metal beneficial in a variety of ways.

It possesses incredible corrosion resistance, even at very high temperatures, so it is classified as a noble metal. It is resistant to wear and tear and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for jewellery creation.

It is a non-reactive metal that is dense and malleable, making it ideal for use in electronics. Platinum is a rare metal found in only trace amounts in the Earth’s crust due to the Earth’s tectonic activity.

Platinum is found in alluvial deposits and is frequently mistaken for silver due to its similar appearance.

The purification of raw platinum may be accomplished by using a method known as aqua regia. It has a variety of applications, some of which are described below.

Platinum Uses

Here we listed some useful uses of Platinum

1. Catalytic converters in automobiles

This metal is used in the catalytic converter, a component of the automobile’s exhaust system.

Catalysts are substances that aid in the conversion of hazardous pollutants such as hydrocarbons, monoxides, and other gases into the water and barminess of carbon dioxide.

It is the primary use for the mined form of this metal. It has also become more important for environmental safety reasons.

2. The Petroleum Industry

This metal has remarkable catalytic characteristics critical to the petroleum industry’s operations. This metal’s gauze is employed in the cracking process when it comes to oil refineries.

Catalysts aid in extracting gasoline from crude oil, which is beneficial for the environment. It is also utilised in the production of high-octane fuels.

3. Platinum Jewelry

The price of platinum jewellery is quite exorbitant, discouraging consumers from purchasing it. It is a valuable metal that is prized for its purity, beauty, and unique qualities, among other things.

The colour, strength, tarnish resistance, and hardness of this metal make it an excellent choice for jewellery.

Diamonds and gemstones may be used to enhance the aesthetic of the piece. It is well-known for being a malleable metal, advantageous to jewellery makers.

4. Platinum Use in Hard Discs

The need for this metal will expand in the future as the number of personal computers increases. When data is saved in a computer, it is on the hard disc, divided into one or more discs for storage on each drive.

This metal is used to produce hard disc drives and fibre optic cables. The intensity of the magnetic field determines the quantity of information that may be stored.

Platinum metal may be used in conjunction with other metals to accomplish this. It is becoming more critical in today’s technologically advanced environment.

5. Chemical

This metal is used as gauze in explosives and fertilisers to convert ammonia to nitric acid, and it is also employed in the production of nitric acid.

Platinum is also utilised in the fuel industry as an additive for gasoline to improve the engine’s combustion process and pollutants.

It is used as a catalyst in producing biodegradable components detergents for use in the household.

6. Uses of Platinum in Medicine

This metal is also utilised in medicine production, such as anti-cancer medications and implantable devices. It is also utilised in dental alloys for the repair of teeth.

7. Fuel Cells

This metal is used to create catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells used to produce these devices. It is used to power autos and generates electricity for use in buildings.

8. Investment

In addition to being a superb investment choice, this metal is also an excellent strategy to protect assets from inflation. It is quickly becoming a popular investing strategy throughout the globe.

9. Glassmaking Equipment

Platinum metal is also used to produce glassmaking equipment. It is utilised in producing LCDs made of fibreglass plastic rather than glass.

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