What is backflow testing and why is it important

What is Backflow Testing And Why Is It Important?

Backflow testing is a legal requirement in all public locations, including apartment and condo complexes, restaurants, and other similar establishments. Call Best Plumbing if you need assistance with yearly municipal code inspections on your home or business! 

What Exactly Is Backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of the flow of tainted water into clean channels. In most cases, it is triggered by a broken drainage system, although it can happen at any cross-connection between pure and unclean water lines, as well. Contaminants in polluted water include pesticides, chemicals, and human feces. As a result, it is dangerous to drink.

Backflow Prevention

In order to avoid backflow, an air gap can be used. As a general rule, you should keep an air gap between any area where water can accumulate and any plumbing item, such as valves and faucets.

Additionally, a backflow prevention valve can be used to stop the flow of water backward. If there is a risk that the water supply could get polluted in certain areas of the house, a backflow preventer valve should be placed in each of those areas.

Where Do You Use A Backflow Preventer?

These devices are often related to fire suppression systems. It is also used in home plumbing systems as well. Using these technologies, the water supply is protected against the introduction of impurities. Basically, they guarantee that drinking water is safe

Backflow preventers are used in irrigation as well as in household plumbing and fire safety. Consider this: if the water that plants drink is contaminated, they will never grow correctly. If you don’t test your backflow preventer, your plants will become yellow.

What Is The Importance Of This Test?

Pressurized water taps ensure that potable water travels from its source all the way to your home’s sink. “Backflow” is a term used to describe situations in which water flows in the exact opposite direction of normal. Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction of the direction it was intended to. Water from this source is not safe to drink, and it might pollute the public water supply. If a water main breaks or there is a heavy demand at a hydrant, backflow can occur. You can not be certain when backflow will occur.

What Makes Backflow Prevention Devices Faulty?

A backflow prevention device, like any piece of machinery, has a limited lifespan. The lifespan of a backflow prevention device is determined by a number of parameters. There are a number of variables to take into account, such as the water quality, water pressure, frequency of usage, and the area in which the device is located. Tested devices have a failure rate of around 5%. O-rings that need to be changed or damaged springs are the most common causes of a device’s failure.

Backflow Testing Process

The real test can start after the procedures have been completed. Backflow detection and solution are the primary goals of this test, which is performed in order to discover whether there is a problem and to identify the root cause. The backflow testing equipment has valves called “gate” and “relief” valves that are used in the testing procedure. In short, the plumber’s job is to shut off valves and look for obvious evidence of water leakage, such as gauge movement changes.

A number of requirements must be completed in order for the testing to go successfully.

  • To guarantee that the check valves do not allow water to flow backward.
  • To make sure the airports open at the right time.
  • To make certain that the relief valves open just beforewater pressure between the check valves drops below 2 PSL.

A property owner does not need to do anything special to be ready for a backflow test. They can, although, make things easier for themselves and speed things up by ensuring that everyone involved is aware that the water will be turned off for a period of time and that they’ll have to make alternate arrangements for how they will use water or complete the duties before the water is turned off for backflow testing.

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