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What Makes Chat Hipaa Compliant?

Are you wondering what makes chat HIPAA compliant? In an online chat environment, all information passed between you and the other party is subject to HIPAA regulations.

The Privacy Rule makes it illegal to sell your private data to outside sources without first obtaining your consent.

The Communication Rule makes sure that you give the other party appropriate notice that your private data will be passed on to third parties.

Both of these rules were put into place to make the personal data of US citizens readily accessible to employers, other service providers who are doing business in the US, and anyone who wants access to them for non-business reasons.

Department of Health

Did you know, for instance, that some chat operators are trained to delete chat messages that do not seem to belong to the original sender, regardless of whether the message was saved or deleted by the user before it was sent? This is a violation of the privacy rule.

The Department of Health and Human Services does not currently have any guidelines to deal with this kind of abuse, but it is something that you can help them get straightened out with.

If you find your employee talking to someone on a Chat server which is not a member of the program, be sure to let your employees know that such activity is not condoned.

Chat HipaaCompliant

Personal &Medical Information

Another thing that you may want to watch out for in an employee’s attitude toward passing medical information onto others.

There are a few chat servers that do not use encryption when giving messages. Encryption is the tool that takes the person’s identity sending the message, and makes it unreadable to a computer.

Chat rooms that use encryption put everyone’s privacy at risk. If a chat room you use is not encrypted, your personal and medical information is more likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Medicare or Medicaid

When you are chatting with a person you do not know, never give out your Social Security number.

Any time you give out sensitive information over the internet, you risk becoming a victim of identity theft. Most chat operators will ask if you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, which means you need to be careful.

HIPAA Compliant

What makes chat HIPAA compliant chat differs according to state. Most states do not require hospitals to inform patients of the fact that an encrypted connection protects them.

Only California is responsible for making sure that chat rooms have a way to encrypt all transmissions.

Many companies have chosen to bypass the requirement by using encryption even when using a free service or buying a dedicated server from a company that offers encryption.

This is considered to be acceptable because federal law mandates that all medical information is protected.


There are several different groups that you can contact if you think that your chat operators are not following the rules.

One of them is the HIPAA QCP. The QCP is the group that enforces security measures in chat rooms.

It enforces laws such as preventing the sharing of financial or personally-identifying information.

It also tries to ensure that chat clients do not share any personal information such as their social security numbers.

HIPAA Corporation

Ensuring that your chat clients are HIPAA compliant is not only about the technical part of the setup.

Any company that does business on the Internet needs to be concerned about being obedient to protect its customers’ personal and financial information.

You can check out the website of the HIPAAq Corporation to find out more information. It is easy to keep track of your chat operators.

HIPAA does not allow outside parties to gain access to your medical records. This includes chat operators.

If your chat operator is providing information that you think is confidential, then you should report them.

You can contact the Federal Trade Commission by phone or download a free app for your cell phone from the Apple Store.

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