Pregnancy Calculator – Week By Week Pregnancy Tracking

The truth is many would-be parents and pregnant mothers may be eager to keep track of the growing baby within the womb.

It could be out of curiosity as well as to ensure that the baby is growing as expected.

It will be really useful to track the baby’s growth week by week during this stage, the results of which can be really exciting and amazing.

Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator – Week By Week Growth Analysis Of The Fetus

4th Week

At this stage, the embryo will have a tail end and a head, front, and back. Beginnings of legs and arms can be noticed with the tiny swellings.

The heart starts to beat and the embryo is around 0.2” (5 mm) in length.

8th Week

The body’s major organs are developed like the feet, hands, and limbs. There are noticed clear facial features and the head is big.

The embryo becomes 1”-1.5” (3-4cm) in length, weight around 0.35 oz (10g).

8th To 12th Week

The embryo is known now as the fetus, where rapid development takes place. It has a brain, heart, digestive system, muscles, and bones.

Organs enable to swallow, kick and move the head and arms. Kidneys start to urinate and it weighs around 1 oz (28g) and length is 3” (71/2 cm).

16th Week

Fetus still freely floats in the amniotic sac. Skull growth is rapid, bones thicken and abnormalities can be noticed like spina bifida.

The fetus weighs around 4.8 oz (135g). A pregnancy tracking app can capture every stage.

16th to 24th Week

Lanugo (fine hairs) develops over fetus skin. Also, there is the growth of hair and eyelashes. There is witnessed increased fetus movements felt by the expectant mother.

It is in foetal position having knees drawn towards the chin and back bent. It weighs 400g to 500g.

28th Week

Fetus weights around 800g to 1000g and is 9.4” (24cm). It is the final stage of the gestation or second trimester period.

Till 32nd Week

Any infection during this stage can be harmful to the child’s brain. Lungs are found maturing, the fetus is yet to breathe and the body and head are of similar proportions. It weighs around 1600g.

36th Week

The vital organs of the fetus are matured and skin wrinkles disappear. Lanugo almost disappears and the fetus starts to make normal physical movements like kicking, clutching fingers, etc.

It needs to be in the proper position for birth having the head downwards to the cervix to ensure the baby’s head crown appears first in the vagina.

The fetus weighs around 2.5kg and is of 12” (31cm) in length.

Till 40 weeks (9th Month)

Fetus hair on head becomes thicker, while skull bones get harder. A fetus during this stage becomes fully developed.

The Head starts moving down the uterus having a spine parallel to that of the mother. During this stage, complications might arise called a breech position. The full-term fetus of 40 weeks weighs around 2.8 kg to 4 kg.

Recording baby growth during pregnancy week by week is really exciting for the expectant mother and can be kept as a reminder for the future.

And this is where Pregnancy Calculator or Pregnancy tracking plays a vital role for parents.

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