Kitten in a New Home

4 Questions Puzzling a Kitten in a New Home!

Did you just bring that purr-fect friend home? Hey, congratulations! Buying a kitten or adopting one from a rescue home or shelter may seem satisfying, yet there is a long way to go.

The beginning days of a kitten’s life in a new place are crucial for the kitten. It is still young and depends entirely on its new home members for nutrition and care.

You can do many things for the family’s new entrant, and the most important one is getting kitten insurance. Having kitten insurance NZ becomes vital as your fur baby deserves superior medical care in times of accidents, sickness, and emergencies.

Pet insurance enables you to achieve that end goal with little financial compromises from your end. Don’t you see how it’s a win-win situation for both?

Apart from signing up for a health backup plan, you can follow these simple steps to make your furry feline baby feel at home. Let’s look into some kitty questions in the new house and learn how to establish sustaining bonds with it.

Baby Cats Think, Who Are These Strangers Around?

Kitten in a New Home
Kitten in a New Home

It is essential to let the young kitty know that you are its family now. You may need to act by kitty’s bidding for some days until they get acquainted with you.

Talking to kitties even when you know they can’t respond through words is most valuable in building emotional links.

A gentle meow now and then maybe her way of saying thanks, Hooman, for taking care of me. Careful observation of her vocalization and gestures may say to you what message she is trying to convey.

Kittens Would Like To Know If They Can Have A Private Space?

You must set up a few safe sanctuaries scattered here and there where your cutie can snuggle in. Cats, by their nature, find it comforting and secure in compact boxes, bowls, baskets, etc.

They make exclusive use of these private chambers when they get stressed. A simple cardboard box would also do the trick.

Kitties Be Like, Is There A Playground To Play In?

One thing that takes most of your time is readying a kitten playground with scratching posts, cat trees, cutesy ladders, vertical surfaces, and other things.

Feline pets are curious about new items, people, birds, other pets, and trespassers, and they love watching from an elevation the ongoings in the surroundings.

The best thing you can do to satisfy their penchant for observation is by fixing small horizontal wooden slabs at various places on the wall, on which kitties can run up and down or just relax and survey the area.

Fur Babies Are Contemplating Where Is My Mother?


You must be empathetic to your baby kitten, who has been separated from her mother and is pretty sad about it. It takes two to three generous weeks to get the new environment into perspective.

Sometimes pet owners may force-feed their furry friends. If your kitten isn’t in the mood for more food or is just happy having little food, don’t bother your pet by force-feeding them.

Slowly your young cat will realize that yes, I belong here! That is when your fur baby will listen to you and take in proper meals.

Caring for fur babies at times means respecting their boundaries and allowing them to spend time in introspection too. Mental health is equally important.

Vet visits and prescriptions for covered health issues can be claimed back with the most basic kitten insurance in NZ.

Even when some insurers don’t cover behavioral conditions still they may support your pet through a few other important medical conditions.

Sign up for the best kitten insurance that supports your pet in times of illness, dental complaints, and other health emergencies.

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