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Top Tips For Choosing The Best Pet Boarding For Your Dog

Being a pet owner comes with its pros and cons. The pros are that you get constant cuddles, but the con is that your heart breaks when you have to go on a trip and leave them behind.

In this case, the least you could do is find them a good dog boarding so that they can spend their time away from you comfortably.

Although the pet boarding industry in Australia is currently worth north of AUD 18.9 million, the number of boarding options will put you in a fix.

Also, as a pet parent, you must be aware of the sad reality that not all pet boardings take good care of your pupper.

There have been multiple instances where the pet has been ill-treated. Hence, choosing a suitable pet boarding is vital.

To understand the various factors you must gauge before choosing the proper pet boarding for your pupper, read on.

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Pet Boarding

Not all pet boardings are as good as their posters and advertisements display. Therefore, before choosing your dog boarding, make sure you consider the following factors. They are:

1. Research the kennel well

Before selecting the kennel, you intend to keep your dog in, ensure you have done ample research.

The age of the internet brings a world of information to your fingertips, and all you need to do is type in “dog boarding around me”.

With an overwhelming number of results, it is natural for people to go for the first option they see. Avoid this at all costs.  

Always perform a significant amount of research, gauge their website well, and do everything from your end to ensure your pet’s well-being.

2. Visit the boarding beforehand

Make sure you end up visiting the kennels you have shortlisted. It would be best to do this unannounced since you will see the kennel operate in its true form.

With many kennels mistreating their dogs, chaining them, etc., you have to be very careful about the one you choose.

In case they have a problem with you visiting, then they definitely have something to hide. Sending your dog here would be a bad idea.

3. Check if the place smells bad

Sanitation is yet another factor you need to gauge before finalizing the kennel. The kennel is only as good as how clean it is.

Visit the kennel in question, and if you feel it is sanitary enough and doesn’t smell foul, then you are good to go. If not, then sending your dog here is a no-go.

4. Check if the dogs are chained

Whenever you visit the kennel, another thing you must check for is whether the dogs are chained. If they are, this is a very bad sign, and your dog will not be taken care of at all.

This might sound harsh, but these kennels won’t pay any attention to your dog and will keep it chained at all times.

You must make sure that the kennel you end up choosing doesn’t chain dogs up, and will take care of them religiously for the entire duration of your trip.

Wrapping up

Choosing the right dog kennel is quite a task. You need to personally go down and visit the kennel to be sure that your dog is taken care of.

But don’t slack off while doing your research. Think of it as a long-term investment. If you research well now, you won’t have to worry about finding another kennel the next time you want to go out.

Go through the above tips and follow them religiously to provide your dog with the best care when you aren’t around.

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