9 Writing Apps That Facilitate Work on Android & iPhone

An era that went by belonged to them – the laptops!

The era that the millennials work on belongs to — the palmtops, the Android phones or the mobiles on which the users are hooked all day long for even small purposes like writing their essays and stories assigned as their homework.

And the youngsters are enjoying it, as the whole work is made considerably easy at the click of a small button on their palmtops.

Here’s why they are hooked onto their device. The Androids can download useful apps that help post any of the articles straight from your mobiles, thereby eliminating the cumbersome process of carrying the laptops on their back all day long.

Hence, they are worth your attention, so here’s a checklist of the apps ever created.

iA Writer

iA Writer is iOS compatible and has been reviewed as one of the best-devised masterpieces. Its compatibility with different mobile devices & tablets gives it an edge over others.

Lists for Writers

One of the other devices doing pretty well in the market is the Lists for Writers –for the writers and novelists who have a whole device available to finish their first novels or short stories.

A writer has to conduct in-depth research.

The Lists for Writers help draft the first draft, like when we search for story ideas on Google or Yahoo, to flush the writers with prolific ideas to complete the story.

And all without requiring the internet to the app, it has access to hundreds of fantastic ideas on:

  • Hero names
  • Animal options
  • Locations
  • Passions
  • Clothing
  • Decorations


The app has a lot of advantages for people working in journals and periodicals of magazines and papers.

The youth working in media houses consider this to be one of the best apps on account of its user-friendly ways of operating the device on a user-friendly interface with the help of powerful operational tools like themes and templates that are extremely useful in finishing a copy.

The disadvantage of editorial software is – it does not help if you want to compose a paper from scratch like having a professional approach for proofreading or editing.

The scholars still have to resort to assignment help from service providers, available online for such work.

Jotter Pad

As the name is suggestive enough, the app is available as a jotter for all kinds of information, and has the most interesting design for writing; Jotter Pad has the most exciting design.

The tool is fit for authors interested in creating notes and their storage, description of documents, and other types of written files like PDF and Docs.


The name is suggestive enough, it can be heard other than looked into, and are the best writing app used on iPad or iPhone, & Android.

It has come as a solace for people with poor eyesight, who cannot read for long, in that case, they include Audible – as an outstanding way for those who don’t read literature.

This app helps prevent users from wasting their time on reading/straining their eyes by making users listen to the books, in this way a user can finish more than 3-4 books just by listening on this app called Audible.


Kindle kindled in essential competition to Audible mostly for iOS phone compatibility. The Kindle allows a user to present everything in audio format.

To know more about the operating system of Kindle and all other app devices, there is Programming Assignment Help.

To do well, students need to dedicate time to reading, it helps to write well, students must dedicate some time to read – it is the only way to visualize and memorize basic writing rules, and Kindle helps scholars do both easily.


EverNote is the pioneer in the market known by its elephant image logo on their app; it is among the best that allows room for writing to be an exhilarating experience other than a tedious task one knows the famous Elephant image – EverNote is top-notch when it comes to the best writing apps.

Students have always had a fetish for things that make their lives more straightforward, and EverNote is one.

Adept in the art of taking all kinds of information, EverNote also arranges the meetings and work schedule that needs to be chalked for the next day based on the voice recording feature.

Scholars so value the time-tested ‘Elephant’ tool, that it is difficult to pinpoint any mistakes in them.


Sometimes a free accessible application makes life a lot easier for several scholars who feel sensitive about their language, either because they belong to a foreign land or cannot catch the nuances of English grammar and punctuation.

For such scholars, ProWritingAid is freely accessible online to improve the art of writing for those who aim to become a professional.

This tool’s primary function is to facilitate editing/proofreading for copies’ accuracy and make them more accurate.

The app is instrumental in fixing a writer’s mistakes; instead of merely giving ideas for writing a storyline like a facility available on other apps. It highlights issues like the:

  • Repetitiveness in the copy
  • Vague, abstract language in the answer
  • Wordiness of the assignment
  • Passive construction & more


PDANet functions differently on an iOS device. It is available for Android users only once they jailbreak from the iOS device.

To operate on Android, they have to be downloaded on the ‘Google Play Store’ to install PDANet without modification. Professionals with urgent deadlines to complete the assignment prefer this app.

The hotspot available on Android can make it accessible for use on a 3G or a 4G even if the Wi-Fi is unavailable.

On PDANet, the scholars can remain in touch with other writers doing a similar assignment to complete the assigned task of writing stories.


In many places the illiteracy range is higher than in the last decade especially in the US, owing to the inconvenience of people not understanding the grammar, spelling, punctuation, & content usages; an assessment has been derived from a survey. Also, the effectiveness of the app is visible in the:

  • Auto-save function
  • Word count function

Seek online academic experts who solve writing issues instantly and very cheaply.

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