Skyrocket Business Productivity

9 Tech Hacks That Will Skyrocket Your Business Productivity

Are you always busy and don’t seem to get anything done? That is one of the great business productivity challenges of our time. People are rushing around, but at the end of the day, they lament that they got absolutely nothing accomplished.

That’s because they’re busy, but not productive. They don’t use their time wisely, so they’re always stressed out about getting things done. That’s because about 60% of the workday is spent on productive activities.

Does that sound familiar?

Technology can help you be more productive, and it can also pull you in a million different directions. How can you leverage technology to be more productive in the workplace?

Keep reading to find out the top technology hacks to be more productive.

1. Use Communication Tools Wisely

Communication tools like Slack have taken over as a way to communicate constantly with your team. You have to be honest and ask yourself if it’s a distraction or if it’s helpful.

In many cases, communications tools can distract because they’re always on.

A good way to use communication tools to communicate with your team is to set specific hours when your team can ask you questions.

You can set every Thursday between 3-4 pm and Tuesday between 1-2 pm as great times for employees to ask questions or provide feedback about a project.

2. Listen to Music

Do you do a lot of writing or need focused time to get through administrative tasks? Instrumental music can help you focus.

There are services like Focus at Will, which gives you music channels backed by science. The music is engineered to make you more productive.

There are also YouTube channels that do the same thing. Some services have the music on a timer, which makes it fun to try to get as much stuff done within that 45-minute segment.

3. Automate Tasks

How many repetitive tasks do you have to do each day? If you find that you have a lot, you can automate a lot of them.

You can build filters to manage your email. You can build workflows to automate some computer tasks. Automated calendar tools like can schedule meetings for you.

Write down your most repetitive tasks and find the ones that you can automate. There is some work upfront, but the payoff is great.

4. Manage Your Finances

Payroll and managing finances can take up hours every week. Without a good system in place, you can make mistakes that end up in fines and penalties.

You can keep a close watch on your cash flow and process payroll faster by using bookkeeping software. You can enter and process invoices, cut checks, and pay payroll taxes from these tools.

5. Edge Computing

One of the downsides of using technology in every area of business is that you end up with a ton of data.

Edge computing is an emerging technology that takes the best of cloud computing but brings it closer to you.

With cloud computing, you have data centers all over the world that give you data online. Edge computing brings those data centers to your office.

For example, Hivecell manages your data in smaller cells. You then access all of your data on a singular dashboard.

6. Schedule Social Media Posts

How often do you get sucked away by social media? A social media scheduling tool can help you schedule posts in advance and organize your visual assets.

Like using communications tools, social media scheduling tools can suck up your day, too.

If you know that a post is going out at 8:15 am, you might be tempted to check in at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 to see if there are any responses.

Again, you need to set strong boundaries because you can easily lose track of time. Yes, it is important to engage with your audience, but you need to set specific times to do so.

7. Keep a To-Do List

With so much to do each day, it’s hard to know where to start. A to-do list is often a good place to keep your tasks, but it can work against you.

People with too many tasks get overwhelmed, and they often will procrastinate. How can you manage your to-do list? Some productivity experts say that you should pick your top three tasks for the day.

These are the most important tasks that move your business forward.

8. Capture Random Thoughts

Do you ever get random thoughts that you have to capture at that moment? You might be in the middle of writing an important email, and then get a great idea for a different project.

That can be great, but your productivity is hindered because you have to write down that idea or open up a different program to capture it.

The next thing you know, you’re doomscrolling on Twitter and forgot about the email for 20 minutes.

The trick is to capture that thought so you don’t lose it and get right back to work. Do that by using a voice recorder app, or an app like Mindly.

9. Automate Temperature Control

Did you know that the temperature affects your productivity? A room that’s too warm or too cold will distract you and your employees.

You can keep the temperature steady by investing in an automated thermostat. There are plenty of commercial HVAC thermostats that connect to WiFi. You’ll just need to get permission from the building owner to install it.

The Top Business Productivity Hacks

Are you ready to stop spinning around, trying to figure out how to get everything done each day?

These business productivity tools and ideas will help you get more done each day. However, your success largely depends on you.

The tools can only do so much. You need to keep a firm schedule when it comes to email, communications, and social media. With good boundaries, you’ll be able to get more done during the day.

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