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How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Cat?

Your pet cat should get the best maternity care when she is pregnant. Many people choose to get their pet neutered in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean if your cat is pregnant she shouldn’t get the proper care she deserves. Keep reading this article because it will tell how you can take care of your pet cat when pregnant.

There are several changes a cat goes through when she is pregnant, but below mentioned are the most significant changes:

Behavioral Changes

One significant change in their behavior can be going into hiding. Otherwise, they can become a giant snuggle bug. Both of these behavioral changes are very normal for a pregnant cat.

Physical Changes

Like humans, cats can also suffer from morning sickness. If your furry baby is pregnant, she will also start to eat more than she ate regularly.

After five weeks of pregnancy, your cat’s belly will noticeably look bigger. Her nipples will become more swollen, and for some cats, it can get a dark reddish color.

If you feel that your pet cat is pregnant, first, have it confirmed by the veterinarian. Once the cat’s pregnancy is established, you need to discuss your cat’s nutritional needs with your vet.

  • When your cat is pregnant, she eats for more than one. That is why your cat needs to eat more. Your vet might suggest switching to a different brand or type of cat food during pregnancy because that will be more nutritional for your cat. They may even suggest supplements or feeding some homecooked food.
  • When your cat is pregnant, she needs more, but there is less space in her stomach for food as her belly gets bigger. So it would help if you fed her in fewer quantities, but more often.
  • Proper hydration is also essential during the time of pregnancy. The best thing is to keep multiple bowls of water all around the house and ensure wet food intake is adequate.

Reasons You Need To Take Your Cat For Regular Vet Checkups:

  • It is essential to stay in regular touch with your vet because they will help you understand the entire process.
  • The vet will help you plan for the big day and also help you learn about at-home cat delivery.
  • The vet will educate you about the emergency process if you need to transport your cat to the vet’s office. Being prepared for these kinds of situations is very important during delivery.

Last but not least, when your cat is pregnant, it is good to have cat insurance ready to go for the kittens. You will make several visits to your vet with them, and there can be a pile of medical bills.

Having cat insurance can benefit you throughout your Mumma cat’s lifetime and then throughout the lifetime of your kittens too, covering accident, illness, medications, and more.

Hopefully, you already have the cheap pet insurance for your furry mum cat. Just make sure that you pay the premium on time as a policyholder and don’t forget in the flurry of furball excitement.

Also, double-check what your pet insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover so you don’t make claims that are rejected because you didn’t properly understand your policy.

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